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Whitney Brummett’s World — Reflections On Her First Season

Nov. 4, 2004

Whitney Brummett finished her first collegiate season with a 75.50 stoke average in 12 rounds during four tournaments. She led the team with three rounds at par and was tied for the team lead with seven scores of 75 or better. Brummett finished as the Seminoles’ top finisher in two of four events this fall and was in Florida State’s top three in all four tournaments during the season. In this installment of Whitney Brummett’s World, she tells what grade she gives herself for the season, what she is going to work on before the spring season begins and which of her teammates helped her the most on the course.

Your first season is over. Evaluate your play in the fall season.
“I would rate my play this fall as pretty good. I probably did a little better than I had originally expected to. At the beginning I started off pretty slow. During my first tournament I didn’t shoot well, I had one real bad score that I didn’t like at all. As the season went on I became more and more consistent. I feel that I became more consistent because I both my confidence and experience levels increased. Overall, I give my play this fall a “B” rating. I had one really good tournament and a couple okay tournaments. There were a few little rough scores in there. I’m satisfied with my season. I’m not thrilled with the season, but satisfied.”

Are you happy with where your game is at this point in the year?
“My game at this point in the year is awesome from tee to green. I feel like my driver is great right now, but I need to improve my putting a lot. My putting is my biggest weakness.”

What are you looking forward to in the spring season?
“This spring I’m looking forward to improving my overall game, shooting better, and shooting better scores. One of my biggest goals for the spring is to have multiple rounds under par, and I feel like if I just improve my putting I’m going to be there instantly. As long as I maintain my ball striking ability which has been good, and if I could just start making some puts, I’ll be doing really well.”

You have roughly three months before golf begins again. How much time are you going spend in preparation and how much time do you allow for “me” time?
“Until spring season starts again I’m going to keep practicing. Probably not quite to the extent that I was or as many hours, but I’ll still be out there every day. I’m going to take some me time and go home for a couple of days next week to visit my friends and family which will be fun. After that I will come back and get back to practice. I am going to start working on things I know I need to work on so I can improve and be better for the spring. I think I want to keep up my practice schedule just because it really has helped me to improve.”

What is a moment that really stands out for you in the fall season?
“The moment that stands out to me is the Furman tournament. I had a really good finish there and finishing in fourth place as a freshman was something good for me. It helped me increase my confidence – something I’m going to carry into the spring and into the rest of my career. My performance at the Furman Tournament showed me what I can do and allowed me to set my goals higher than they I had envisioned during my first year in college. It has also pushed me to work harder.”

Which of your teammates has helped you the most in adjusting to golf at the collegiate level and to college life in general?
“I would have to say Caroline Larsson — I call her Carol. She has really helped my and my adjustment to golf at the collegiate level just because she is there whenever I ask her for help. I always ask her for help with putting because she is really good at that. She always knows what is going on with the team. I have also relied on Jaclyn Burch because I played with her in high school. I enjoy playing with her in college because of the familiarity we have with each other. Playing with her makes me a lot more comfortable on the court. There are people I can go to if I have questions about school. All of my teammates in there own way have helped me adjust to college life in general and everybody brings something to the team. My relationship with each of my teammates is totally different.”

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