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Whitney Wright’s World — Setting Goals And Improving Her Game

Nov. 4, 2004

Whitney Wright was one of two freshmen who played in all four events during the fall season for the Seminole women’s golf team. She was one of two players on the team to shoot a single-round score of par or better and finished as Florida State’s second leading golfer at the Furman University Lady Paladin Invitational. She stopped by to visit with after the final tournament of the fall season and talked about her goals, her teammates and her intense desire to become a better golfer.

Of the goals you set for yourself for the season, which ones are you closing in on, or have already accomplished, and which one do you view as the toughest to achieve?
“The toughest to achieve would probably be shooting 75 or better in every round I play. I wasn’t able to realize that goal this fall but that’s one goal I am shooting for in the spring. I got into a lot of trouble during the last round of the last tournament, had some bad breaks, and didn’t shoot nearly as well as I know I can. At the end of that round, I realized that this was my first season so I’m going to continue playing during the off season and working on things that can help me improve my overall game. Whitney Brummett and I are actually thinking about going to a putting short game school for a week during Christmas to work on our short games. I feel like that’s one of the reasons I give up a lot of shots during my rounds. The goals I have accomplished have been getting used to everything in college and going out there and playing the best I can play each round. I also want to have a good time and learn a lot on the course and I feel that those are two things I have accomplished.”

In your previous interview, you said that you fell that you let our coach down by not playing as well as you fell you should have. Is that something that always bothers you if you don’t fell you played well?
“Yes, it does bother me, but Coach Dillman never puts pressure on anyone and she never makes us feel like we have to do something to shoot a great score to prove to her that we are a good player. She knows that we are good players; if we weren’t we wouldn’t be here and she wouldn’t have recruited us. So I understand that I need to go out there and shoot a good round for myself and not worry about having to prove myself to anybody. Over time, as I get used to everything, including just being a college student-athlete, that everything else will fall into place.”

How are you able to turn that feeling into a positive and motivate yourself?
“I have learned that when I have a bad round or if I don’t play like I should or if I hit a shoot that I felt like I shouldn’t have that I want to work harder to correct my mistakes. I feel like I played okay golf this fall but I know that I’m a better player than the scores that I shot and that really motivates me want to be better. Our team chemistry is so strong and everybody on the team is working their hardest and doing their best each time we all play. We are a young team, probably one of the youngest teams out there, so we are all just leaning on each other and understanding that this spring we are going to perform much better. That’s the thing that I love about the game of golf is that its never a one on one sport, like I’m out here trying to shoot this score for myself. I know that all of my teammates are trying to shoot a score for the team and that motivates me. That makes me want to do the best I can for Florida State.”

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