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Who Is Stan Jones?

June 18, 2009


By Victoria Jackson, Writing & Editing Intern

As soon as I sat down with Men’s Basketball Assistant Head Coach Stan Jones, I knew I would be in for a good dose of advice and conversation. Jones, who has been in the Florida State Basketball family for more than seven years, has given his all to the program and the fans that surround them at the Tucker Center in Tallahassee.  While Jones has been around for awhile, I would bet that not many people know that his name, Stan Jones, has a story behind it many would not expect.

As traveling evangelists, his parents traveled and spread the faith to people everywhere. One of his father’s favorite authors was a Methodist Evangelist who wrote many words that were deep in faith and religion. This author’s name was Eli Stanley Jones.

His dad encouraged his son to follow in his footsteps, by spreading the faith and doing what he loved to do. Jones took a slightly different turn and at the age of 21 began coaching his father’s Church basketball team.  He learned and grew while coaching and playing basketball and some would say he is a “missionary for basketball.”

Throughout his career, Jones has brought 13 national top 100 recruits to Florida State, and four have been selected into the NBA Draft.  Florida State has successfully earned many wins over top teams, with the help of Jones. He was also part of Fox Sports list for top assistant coaches in the country. His name came from someone who had a passion for writing and spreading the word, and he followed in those footsteps by having and spreading his strong passion and love for basketball.

Success, motivation and leadership, are three words that Jones shares with others every day, and hopes to put them in writing one day.

“Whatever you do become as deeply versed as you can,” Jones told me.

Those words were followed by doing what you love, and to always have a passion for what you do, and that’s advice everyone can use.

“Sky’s the limit, for what FSU basketball can do,” Jones said.

As Jones is preparing for his eighth season at Florida State, he is hoping for another successful season.

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