September 2, 2000 - by
Win No. 600, How Sweet It Is

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Norisha Campbell:

She really deserves this, she is a great coach. Our team was talking about 600 all weekend as one of our goals, as well as hers. As a player, I think I have learned a great deal from her. When I first got here I didn’t know that much about the game, but she taught me a lot. I think as a team, we should aim to give her more than just number 600, we should keep striving for more. I wish her luck and success in her future, I hope she gets another 600 wins.nifer

Jennifer Werrick:

She has worked so hard to get everything, so anything she accomplishes she deserves because she has worked so hard. I would think that she has attained most, if not all, of her goals. It is a privilege to be a part of the team that gave her that 600th win.
I wish her the best, and good luck in her future.

Kristin Frye:
To get win number 600 with this team means a lot, it means that we have gone through a struggle, and she has seen us come out on top. It is a great accomplishment, not only for her but for the team as well. All of her accomplishments in the past years have taken not just the volleyball team, but women’s athletics to an entirely new level at Florida State.

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