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Winning As A Team Is Haywood’s Goal For the Florida State Men’s Basketball Team

Dec. 7, 2001

Winning is the goal of Florida State point guard Marcell Haywood as he rolls into another season with goals for the team that exceed each year prior.

When asked about his individual goals for the 2001-02 season, he answers, “To win, just win. It is a team thing, not an individual accomplishment.”

Haywood hopes to help the Seminoles win, and in the process, gain some more playing time and build on his success from last season.

Haywood came to FSU in 2000 as a transfer walk-on from Queens College in North Carolina. After only one year at Queens, the question was why such a quick transfer, why Florida State?

The response, ” I just did not feel right at Queens. I went for all the wrong reasons and the situation was not for me. I have liked Florida State since I was little, watching the team throughout high-school and I always wanted to be a Seminole.”

Haywood resides in Plantation, Fl., where he is close to his immediate family, along with his uncle. His uncle is former NBA player Irvin Kiffin. In Kiffen, Haywood grew up with a strong role model in his life.

Growing up Haywood played football, baseball, and soccer. But it was in high school that Marcell began to concentrate on only basketball.

“It is a part of my family and I just fell in love with the game,” Haywood explained

When Haywood was younger, Kiffin would take Haywood and his cousin out and teach them the game, particularly the mental aspects.

His early motivation continues to this day.

I love to compete, and this is one of the highest levels of playing basketball in the country, says Haywood. “I also gain motivation from my uncle. His words give me encouragement and they mean a lot”

But basketball is not the only focus of this young man, he excels in academics, studying library information studies with a focus in information technology. Haywood has a 3.4 GPA.

” I want to go to graduate school and continue to play out the two years of eligibility I have left at Florida State,” he says. “School is more important than basketball because it will carry me further.”

His goal for this semester is to get a 4.0.

On the court, Haywood wants to excel as well.

“I definitely feel like a leader on and off the court. At point guard, I have to lead the team on the court, setting the offense.” Haywood says, “I have to get everyone ready and pumped up to play when we are in the locker room before a game. It is kind of my responsibility to make sure everything is going the right way, and if it’s not then it is my responsibility to get it going that way.”

With practice and classes, Haywood has his full schedule of twelve credit hours

Having a teammate as a roommate that a similarly full load, it makes it easier.

“When I do have time to myself I like to relax, watch TV and unwind.”

But for now, with the season in progress, it’s time to look forward. How will he measure the success of the season?

“To win – as a team.”

“After all, it’s a team thing.”

By Kelly Schnackenberg
Sports Information Assistant
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