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Women’s Track Team Retreat

Oct. 31, 2006

The ladies of the Florida State Track & Field Team as well as the Cross Country Team spent Sunday, October 8th, putting their team building and communications skills to the test. The student-athletes, coaches, and support staff, spent the morning at the Florida State Reservation Challenge Course starting off with communication activities as well as team building exercises. During this time, the ladies continued their tradition of collectively forming their team goals and mission statements for the season.

This tradition began last year at the student-athlete’s first retreat and proved to be a success. The ladies all supported one another in striving to achieve those goals which helped them complete one of the best seasons the team has had in the past 20 years. The ladies continued the morning with the group heading to the ropes courses, showing their balance and poise.

The Seminoles swung from ropes, balanced, and jumped around, all while supporting each other and sharing a few laughs. They finished up the day with lunch, a team photo, and their season mission; to be the best!

Photo Gallery – Women’s Track Retreat

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