April 28, 2009 - by
Would You Rather…With Basketball Player Brian Hoff

April 28, 2009

Would You Rather … With Senior Brian Hoff

By Kara Funcheon
Sports Information Student Intern

In his fourth season, senior Brian Hoff will be an
integral part of the men’s basketball team this season.
During the 2007-2008 season, Hoff played in 17 games,
and set career-highs in nearly every statistical category.
Hoff was named Outstanding Academic Student Athlete
at the annual honors banquet in 2008. The most
memorable moment of Hoff ‘s 2007-2008 season was
his career-high five 3-point field goals in a single game
helping Florida State defeat Maine. The Seminole
guard took time out of his busy schedule to play a
quick game of `would you rather…?’

Would you rather…be on Survivor or the Amazing Race?
I would rather be on the Amazing Race because I feel
that it’s more competitive. By watching the two shows,
Survivor is more mental strategy. The Amazing race is
a little more physical and you’re on teams.

Would you rather…take a steamboat down the
Mississippi or go over Niagara Falls in a barrel?
I would rather take a steamboat down the Mississippi
because I don’t want to die.

Would you rather…be rich or famous?
I would rather be famous, because you can make a
bigger impact on other people.

Would you rather…be Spiderman or Superman?
I would rather be Superman because I would like to fly.
It would be cool to say that you could fly.

Would you rather…go camping or go on a
Caribbean cruise?

I would rather Caribbean cruise, because I’ve never
been on a cruise and that’s one thing that I would love
to do.

Would you rather…eat a lemon or a lime?
Neither, they’re both too tart for me.

Would you rather…always lose or never play?
I hate losing but I think that I would rather always lose
because if you never play, what else are you going to do?

Would you rather…use a Mac or a PC?
I would rather use a Mac because they’re easier.

Would you rather…be a Navy SEAL or Army Ranger?
I would rather be an Army Ranger, because there’s
more ground work and it looks cool.

Would you rather…fight a grizzly bear with a razor
or a shark with a spoon?

I would rather fight a grizzly bear with a razor because
I can run faster than I can swim.

Would you rather…read minds or see the future?
I would rather read minds. I would like to know what
other people are thinking.

Would you rather…visit the dark side of the moon
or the depths of the ocean?

I would rather visit the depths of the ocean because I
like water and it would be cool.

Would you rather…eat cake or ice cream?
Can I have both? I like them together a whole lot, but if
I had to pick just one, I would pick ice cream.

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