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You Design We Decide

July 26, 2011

Tallahassee, Fla. — Tradition. History. Excellence. Champions. Those are only some of the distinguishing characteristics used to describe FSU. What does Florida State mean to you?

Nole fans can submit their design ideas for the 2011 Florida State all-sport promotional shirt between now and August 14th. Simply download and print the shirt template and related release form, work up your design and email back to us at FSUShirt@gmail.com.

FSU will choose the finalist and the winning design will be used for the 2011 promotional shirt. 


1. Download/print the shirt template and Assignment of Copyright Agreement.

2. Work up your design on the template and sign the Assignment of Copyright Agreement.

3. Email your design AND signed copy of the Assignment of Copyright Agreement to FSUShirt@gmail.com

4. Enter by August 14, 2011


1. The best shirt designs will be those that illustrate the all sport campaign.

2. The shirt design must not feature more than three (3) colors.

3. The design may include graphics on the front and/or back of the shirt.

4. Keep in mind that the winning design may be chosen to appear on additional products.

5. The shirt design cannot single out one sport.

6. Designs should be focused on a broad range of appeal to students, alumni, faculty/staff and fans.

7. The fabric color of the shirt will be white.

8. FSU reserves the right to approve and/or alter the use of the logos/graphics, and all designs are subject to approval of the FSU Trademark Licensing Office.

9. Designs may include University-owned marks such as Florida State University, Florida State, Seminoles, Noles or the Seminole Head, but may not contain any alterations to said marks.

10. Entries may not contain any form of commercialism, political statements or commentary, religious affiliation, profanity or vulgarity, or reference to alcohol, drugs, tobacco products.

11. Entries also may not contain any Native American caricatures, tomahawks, or reference to scalping.

12. Designs cannot include/depict any individual, including current student-athletes, former student-athletes or coaches. Designs may be produced by contestants’ preference including sketches or computer based designs.

13. Designs cannot reference any other school or third party.


All FSU fans may submit designs for the contest.

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