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You Oughta Know: Jakelle King-Gilchrist

July 23, 2012

One of the nation’s top incoming shooting guards, Teaneck, N.J. native Jakelle King-Gilchrist plans to use her explosive offensive game to make on impact with the Seminoles this upcoming season. In the second edition of “You Oughta’ Know,” Gilchrist, who enrolled in classes at FSU this summer, talks about the best moments of her high school career, why she chose Florida State, what her favorite thing to do off the court is, and much more.

On her start this summer at Florida State:

“It’s a great opportunity to come to Florida State to pursue a basketball career, and to get better and play at the next level. It’s definitely different from high school. I’m here hoping to get better and to play with a great family. I’m glad to actually be here.”

On why she chose to attend FSU:

“The warm welcome and the great hospitality … the bonding between the team and the coaches. I love Coach Sue (Semrau) so much – and Coach Brooke (Wyckoff), Coach Hughey and Coach White. I felt home here and I felt like I blended well with the team. They’re fun and energetic and that describes me.”

On the biggest highlight of her prep career at Teaneck High School in New Jersey:<

“I actually have two. When I scored my 1,000th point and my whole family being there to see it. My brother was able to see it coming home from school. And winning the county championship, because my team hadn’t done it in years. It felt good to be on top and to let everyone know that we were the team to beat.”

On what she plans on majoring in at Florida State:

“I was going to start with athletic training, but now I’m leaning more towards a sports management major.”

On where she sees herself in 10 years:

“In 10 years, I see myself in the WNBA or overseas , or just being somewhere with my family -being able to provide for them in nice home, and just being around everybody I love.”

On what her favorite part of basketball is:

“I would say the `hype’ … the excitement. Everybody being ready and the competition.”

On the strengths of her basketball game:

“I would say shooting. I’m actually improving on defense, but I would say my strengths are shooting and attacking the basket.”

On athletes she has modeled her game after:

“I would say Maya Moore. But mostly it would be my brother (Javae King-Gilchrist). He’s inspired me so much. He is my motivation. He is a great all-around basketball player, and I want to be just like him.”

On what she likes to do off the court:

“Dancing. I love to dance. I’m a dance fanatic. I dance all of the time. Sometimes, I would dance in a game when I would score.”

On the differences between New Jersey and Florida:

Adapting to a new environment. Florida has the heat. We don’t have the heat like this in New Jersey. The pace of Florida, too. It’s totally different than New Jersey. I’ve adapted really well and I’m loving it. ”

On her favorite television show:

“My favorite TV show is `Phineas and Ferb.'”

On what reality show she would like to be on:

“Basketball Wives.”

On her favorite food:

“Steak and tacos. I’m a steak and tacos person. Not together, though. Sometimes with my steak, I have to have a baked potato on the side. The taco has to be a supreme taco.”

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