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You Oughta Know: Morgan Toles

Oct. 31, 2012

Senior point guard Morgan Toles is ready to lead the Florida State women’s basketball team this season after appearing in just four games last year following a transfer from Auburn. Toles has one of the best stories on the Seminoles this season as her career was almost over after suffering a concussion at Auburn during a 2010-11 season where she led the SEC in assists. After being cleared to play last season, Toles was hit with an elbow injury that limited her to just four games in her junior campaign with the Garnet & Gold. The Fayetteville, Ga., native is completely healthy heading into her senior season and was named a captain along with fifth-year seniors Alexa Deluzio and Chasity Clayton in the offseason. In this edition of “You Oughta Know,” Toles talks about coming to Florida State, her favorite point guards and some of her favorite basketball memories.

On coming to Florida State:

“For medical reasons I had to stop playing at Auburn and I took a year off from basketball. Luckily I was blessed to get a second chance to play here with Florida State and Coach Sue (Semrau). They took me in with open arms and ever since then it has been great. I’ve been part of the family and I’m just really excited about this upcoming year.”

On her motivation for her senior year:

“My motivation for this season is just getting back on the floor and competing. I basically had a year off not being able to play, and now I’m just excited to get on the floor with my new team and we’re ready to prove that we are who we used to be back in the day.”

On how she was introduced to hoops:

“I started playing basketball because my mom played. She introduced it to me when I was four years old, and ever since I’ve been able to walk she has been teaching me the game.”

On her favorite part of basketball:

“My favorite part of basketball is the competition. Just competing against other teams and also team camaraderie.”

On how she became a skilled passer:

“I became a great passer because of my mom. She played the game and she taught it to me. We watched a lot of film growing up of different point guards and she just taught me the game.”

On what she thinks about when initiating an offense:

“As a point guard bringing the ball up the floor, I’m mostly thinking about what offense we are in; if everyone is set; the shot clock; what the defense is in; there are a lot of things to take into consideration.”

On her roles models:

“My role models are my parents. They are the best people I know and the people I am closest to.”

On her favorite point guard growing up:

“My favorite point guard growing up was Cynthia Cooper. When I was little I was really into the WNBA, and I used to watch a lot of her games with the Comets.”

On her strengths in basketball:

“Some of my strengths as a basketball player are I’m very competitive, I don’t like losing, and I can distribute the ball.”

On what she is trying to improve this season:

“This year I am trying to improve on my long-range shot. We’re going to need it down the line in tough games, so I’ve got to make defenders respect the shot.”

On hobbies in her free time:

“In my free time I like to draw, or sometimes just lie around and watch TV. When I’m away from ball I’m usually pretty tired, so I’m usually just hanging out.”

On what she’s watching on TV:

“My favorite show on TV is probably The Office. It is the funniest thing out right now.”

On her favorite movie:

“My favorite movie is Anchorman. Anything with Will Ferrell gets me laughing.”

On her favorite book:

“My favorite book is probably all of the Twilight series. You either love them or you hate them, but I’m one of the fans.”

On her top basketball memory:

“My favorite basketball memory is winning (AAU) nationals with the Georgia Metros. Our team had a lot of big-time players and we beat the Tennessee Flight in overtime.”

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