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You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile

Jan. 30, 2008

She’s got a smile that reaches from one edge of the three-point arc to the other, but that’s how Florida State freshman Christian Hunnicutt is all the time. No matter what environment she is in – whether it be on the basketball court, in the classroom, hanging out with her teammates or at home with her family, Hunnicutt always has a positive attitude.

It’s that last element that has been the biggest factor in shaping her attitude. Growing up in Jonesboro, Ga., Hunnicutt was always surrounded by a positive environment from her parents Roy Lee and Aundrea for their three daughters.

“I’ve always been like that,” Hunnicutt said of her demeanor. “Ever since high school everybody would ask me `Why are you always smiling when you’re playing basketball.’ I never know I’m doing it, I guess it’s just become natural. I’m just having fun.”

That encouraging atmosphere included its share of lighthearted moments. Hunnicutt recalls numerous times where her parents were playing pranks on them or cracking jokes. She recants one birthday when she had friends to the house for a sleep over. The girls were watching a scary movie and her mother cut the power to the lights and the television then came into the room trying to scare the girls.

Having a great out look on life has helped Hunnicutt as she has made the transition to college. For the last two years of her high school tenure, she attended Landmark Christian High School, a small private school just outside Atlanta.

Hunnicutt had 42 students in her graduating class – with a classroom size of 10-16 students – and the entire school had approximately 650 students in grades K-12. The Landmark Christian campus had 100,000 square feet of building space over 60 acres.

Now she finds herself on campus with an enrollment of 38,553. The Florida State main campus spans 450.5 acres. This fall semester she had a math and social problems class in the new classroom building – which is 87,000 square feet itself – with over 200 students. That’s quite a change in one year.

Another area where Hunnicutt has had to make a big adjustment is on the basketball court, particularly the speed of the game. The fastest player on the team – Hunnicutt is regularly the first one across the line during conditioning – even she had to get used to the pace of the game.

“In high school we tried to keep a high tempo, but the tempo in college is way faster than that,” Hunnicutt admitted. “I try to lead and keep up with that tempo because everyone says I’m fast and from time to time everyone gets tried and we slow down so I try to keep everyone going when I get in the game.”

A two-time GACA 5A-A First-Team All-State selection, Hunnicutt has spent the first part of her collegiate career learning the FSU system and adjusting to the collegiate game. Through the first 10 games of the year, she is averaging 12.1 minutes per game, but is producing 3.1 points per game and 2.1 rebounds per contest.

In the Seminoles’ last home game before the Christmas break, the 5-foot-10 Hunnicutt had her best game at Florida State. She reached double digits for the first time in her FSU career as she scored 10 points and pulled in a team-high six rebounds. Hunnicutt was nearly perfect from the floor, hitting four of the five shots she took, including a three-pointer.

Just like back home in Georgia, Hunnicutt has a good support system in Tallahassee. Along with fellow freshman Courtney Ward, she lives with sophomores Jacinta Monroe and Tanae Davis-Cain. The two have shown the freshman the ropes on everything from getting around town to what their housing options are for the following year.

With great support from her family at home and the one at Florida State as well as a tremendous attitude there’s no telling what Hunnicutt can do.

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