What Is Compliance?

Compliance Staff Directory

Compliance here at Florida State is a wide ranging area, covering all functions of the athletic department, the most important being rules education. Keeping our student-athletes, boosters, and coaching staffs abreast of NCAA and ACC rules is the key to ensuring proper rules compliance. Each year, every full time athletic staff member must pass a written exam on NCAA rules that are pertinent to the staffers area of employment.

Through our recruiting seminars for our coaching staffs, team squad meetings, and public speaking engagements to our booster organization, we feel that word is getting out that Florida State wants to win only within the rules. Compliance monitors all activities that involve any NCAA or ACC rule, such as recruiting, financial aid, length of play and practice seasons, academics, and eligibility to name a few.

Maintaining institutional control is imperative to continue the growth and success of Seminole athletics. Proper rules compliance is the concern of everyone associated with Florida State University, and everyone plays a role.

Florida State has been recognized for having one of the most pro-active compliance programs in the country, and look forward to taking that leadership role into the next century.


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