August 18, 2019

Florida State University Athletic Association

The Florida State University Board of Trustees established a new Direct Service Organization at its meeting on Friday, creating the Florida State University Athletics Association (FSUAA).  The Board approved a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) jointly developed by FSU’s Athletics Department and Seminole Boosters, Inc. to provide greater alignment, transparency, coordination and efficiency for athletic-related fundraising, operations, marketing and management.

The FSUAA Board will be comprised of five voting members, including the FSU President as Chair of the Board, Florida State’s NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative, and the Chair of Seminole Boosters, Inc.  The Director of Athletics will serve as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of FSUAA and have a direct reporting line to the University President/FSUAA Board Chair.

“I am very pleased that we have been able to accomplish the creation of the FSUAA and I think it will strengthen both Athletics and the Seminole Boosters, Inc.,” said Thrasher.  “This structure is something that has been talked about at FSU for a long time, and I credit FSU Board Chair Ed Burr, Booster Chairman Doug Russell, David Coburn and Andy Miller for having the creativity and wisdom to get this done.”

“The reorganization of the Seminole Boosters and our Athletics Department will enable FSU to build on the historical success of both organizations,” said Burr.  “The creation of FSUAA will ensure that the priorities, mission and focus of the Boosters, Athletics and the Administration will be aligned.”

The FSUAA will oversee all aspects of FSU’s athletics program, approve budgets, strategic plans, develop policies regarding scheduling, financing facilities, prioritizing projects and programs and will be responsible for hiring, evaluating and compensating the Director of Athletics.

Doug Russell, current Chairman of Seminole Boosters, Inc. thanked President Thrasher and Chairman Burr, for their leadership and vision by creating FSUAA saying “the new FSUAA will enable Seminole Boosters and Athletics to work more closely together to achieve our goals.  It is clearly in the best long-term interest of Florida State University.”

Andy Miller, President of Seminole Boosters, Inc., also praised the benefits of the new DSO, saying “I feel that we’ve developed a structure that will respond effectively to future challenges and opportunities.”

The MOA reaffirms the governance structure and mission of the Seminole Boosters, Inc. Board of Directors to direct the fundraising program and manage the assets and revenues donated and pledged to the corporation.

To create greater alignment and coordination on a staff level, the President/CEO of Seminole Booster, Inc., will report to both the Booster’s Board of Directors and the Director of Athletics.  Additionally, the Director of Athletics will serve on several key Seminole Boosters, Inc., committees, including the Finance and Budget Committee, and – along with the University President and Chairman of the FSU Board of Trustees – will serve on the Seminole Boosters, Inc., Board of Directors and Executive Board.

The proposed changes are anticipated to be implemented by the fall of 2019 after approval by Florida State’s Board of Trustees and the Seminole Boosters Board of Directors at their respective Fall Board Meetings.

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