Garnet and Gold

Florida State’s school colors of Garnet and Gold date back to the Florida State College championship football teams of 1904 and 1905. In those championship seasons, FSC donned purple and gold uniforms. When Florida State College became Florida Female College in 1905, the football team was forced to attend the University of Florida. The following year the FFC student body selected crimson as the official school color of 1905. The administration in 1905 took crimson and combined it with the recognizable purple of the championship football teams to achieve the color garnet. The now-famous garnet and gold colors were first used on an FSU uniform in a 14-6 loss to Stetson on October 18, 1947.

For one season in 1962 the Florida State Seminoles took the field with three different helmets. Coach Bill Peterson’s three-team system featured the two-way Chiefs, the defensive Renegades and the offensive Warriors with each group wearing a different helmet. By 1963 the Seminoles were back to just one helmet, an all-gold version which once again lasted just one season as the word “State” was added in 1964.