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All in the Family

Florida State swimmers Jaden and Mason Herbet share a bond that goes far beyond being teammates. Along with being teammates, they are fraternal twins. From Winter Park, Florida, Jaden and Mason recall watching the Summer Olympics when they were just little kids and they both immediately knew they wanted to be like those athletes one day.

“When we were nine or ten our parents put us in a summer program at a pool near our house. That was our first introduction into the swimming world,” explained Mason. “We did the summer program for a while. They moved us up to the club team and we stayed with them up until we graduated high school. Swimming was the sport that was always there.”

Jaden and Mason never questioned going to the same university or being on the same team. “We’ve always been in the same classes, I think it would’ve been really weird to not be together. We’ve been on the same team together our whole life,” Jaden said.

The Herbet’s speak with the utmost gratitude and appreciation for the Florida State swimming and diving team. “Jaden was recruited first to FSU. I was like the package deal. Jaden bridged the gap between me and Coach Neal. It was a dream school for me and Jaden,” said Mason.

All in the Family

Jaden and Mason are both competitive and exceptional student-athletes, they push each other in every area to be the best versions of themselves. “It’s nice having him, especially at stressful swim meets. It’s nice having him to comfort me and support me,” Jaden stated.

Mason added, “You always have somebody to call for something. I already have a go-to person.”

While they are only sophomores, both Jaden and Mason have already proved to be driven and successful athletes. When looking back on their college career so far, Jaden and Mason have a lot to be proud of.

Jaden is especially proud of herself for having the opportunity to swim for FSU. “A lot of kids don’t get the opportunity to do that and swim in such a great program. Making the ACC team last year was really awesome for me. It really boosted my confidence and how I’ve been swimming,” Jaden said with a smile.

One of Mason’s favorite moments was swimming on relays as a freshman at ACC’s and NCAA’s where the Noles earned All-America honorable mention accolades in four of those races. It was the first time since 1999 that FSU scored in four relays at nationals.

“Being on those relays and representing FSU has been the best part,” he said.

Continuing with a strong relay tradition, Mason led off the 200 medley relay in 2021 at the Georgia Tech Invite, breaking the school record. Four of FSU’s fives relays are currently ranked within the top 15 in the NCAA, and Mason has participated in three of those, including the 200 medley relay, the 200 free relay, and the 400 medley relay.


All in the Family

Jaden and Mason have an inseparable bond and speak about each other with the most pride. When talking about Jaden, Mason had the biggest smile on his face.

“I’m really proud of her resilience, she has definitely come out on top, and it and it shows. She’s beating times, I’m just really proud of her,” he said.

Jaden and Mason show a lot of drive and passion inside of the classroom and the pool. Jaden said, “We always give everything our best. I love watching him (Mason) grow and grow into the swimmer he has become. I always love watching him at practice because he always gives it his best.”

Both Jaden and Mason hope to make the ACC team again and they are looking forward to being the best that they can be, while supporting each other all the way.

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