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Florida State Golf Wins Inaugural Barbara Nicklaus Cup

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (Seminoles.com) – The Florida State Men’s and Women’s Golf Teams enjoyed a two-day event at the inaugural Barbara Nicklaus Cup that they’ll never forget.

Paired together in a prestigious mixed foursomes and singles event with Auburn, Ohio State and Arizona State at Muirfield Village, the Seminoles routed the opposition on their way to winning the match-play tournament on Tuesday afternoon.

“This truly was a special week,” FSU Men’s Golf Head Coach Trey Jones said. “The opportunity to have both teams together and competing together…Our motto for the week coming into this event is that we always feel like we’re one team. But we truly played as one team this week. Watching both teams compete at a very high level against some of the nation’s best collegiate golf teams was great to see.”

Florida State recorded 16.5 points, mostly credited to a strong start on Monday when it defeated Auburn, 7-1, and followed with a win over Ohio State, 6.5-1.5. On Tuesday, FSU fell to Arizona State, 5-3, but finished with the most points recorded in the Ryder/Solheim Cup-style event.

“This was a very special few days of golf with the men and women playing together,” FSU Women’s Golf Head Coach Amy Bond said. “It was a fun format with a mixed pair alternate shot and singles matches. We played as one team and as a coach it was one of the best experiences of my life. Playing at Muirfield at a tournament in honor of Barbara Nicklaus was a great experience for everyone.”

Tournament host Ohio State and Arizona State each finished second with 12 team points, followed by Auburn’s seven.

Women’s golf freshman Kaylah Williams sparked the Seminoles by being the lone member to go 3-0 in the event. The native of South Africa began by defeating Auburn’s McCarthy, 3&2, before teaming with men’s golf’s Brett Roberts to defeat Steyn/Choi of Ohio State 1UP.

In the final match on Tuesday, she solidified her unbeaten mark when she joined Michael Sakane in defeating Coelho/Fanali of Arizona State 1UP.

“The guys and girls played well together,” Bond added. “There was some tremendous golf and most importantly there was lots of smiles and teamwork. Kaylah played some great golf this week both by herself and with both of her teammates. To go 3-0 in this format was hard as you had to rely on your partners. She played well and gained lots of experience.”

Two men’s golfers finished undefeated, although Williams was the only one to win all three matches. Connor Futrell put together an impressive showing by going 2-0-1, while Frederik Kjettrup also went 2-0-1 at the Barbara Nicklaus Cup.

Junior Elle Johnson, sophomore Charlotte Heath, sophomore Alice Hodge and senior Cecilie Finne-Ipsen each completed strong showings by going 2-1. Senior Beatrice Wallin finished 1-1-1.

Roberts (2-1), Dan Bradbury (2-1) and Cole Anderson (2-1) also benefitted the Seminoles greatly on Monday and Tuesday with winning records.

“Being associated with anything involving the Nicklaus Family, and anything with Barbara’s name on it, with their association with Florida State, is truly an honor,” Jones added. “To win the golf tournament and be the first winner of this event is something special. The opportunity to get our players to a place like Muirfield Village Golf Club – it’s one of the best courses in the world and it’s an experience these players will never forget. I think both teams leave here better than before, and we’ll carry the momentum on to our next events.”

The women’s golf team heads to the Jim West Challenge in San Marcos, Texas, in its next tournament on Oct. 17-18. The men’s team plays in the Jackson T. Stephens Cup on Oct. 18-20 in Roland, Ark.

Arizona State 4, Florida State 2 (two ties)
Frederik Kjettrup (FSU) tied Cameron Sisk (Arizona State), Tied
Alexandra Fosterling (Arizona State) def. Beatrice Wallin (FSU), 1UP
Brett Roberts (FSU) tied Preston Summerhays (Arizona State), Tied
Ashley Menne (Arizona State) def. Charlotte Heath (FSU), 3-2
Connor Futrell/Elle Johnson (FSU) def. Josele Ballester/Breyana Matthews (Arizona State), 3UP
Rygs Johnston/Amanda Linner (Arizona State) def. Cole Anderson/Alice Hodge (FSU), 1UP
Michael Sakane/Kaylah Williams (FSU) def. Kiko Coelho/Alessandra Fanali (Arizona State), 1UP
Mason Anderson/Calynne Rosholt (Arizona State) def. Dan Bradbury/Cecilie Finne-Ipsen (ASU), 1UP

Team Records
Florida State, 2-1 (16.5 team points)
Ohio State, 2-1 (12 team points)
Arizona State, 2-1 (12 team points)
Auburn, 0-3 (7 team points)

FSU Records Following Day 2
Seminole Women
Cecilie Finne-Ipsen, 2-1
Charlotte Heath, 2-1
Alice Hodge, 2-1
Elle Johnson, 2-1
Beatrice Wallin, 1-1-1
Kaylah Williams, 3-0

Seminole Men
Cole Anderson, 2-1
Dan Bradbury, 2-1
Connor Futrell, 2-0-1
Frederik Kjettrup, 2-0-1
Brett Roberts, 2-1
Michael Sakane, 1-2

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