April 1, 2021
BOT Approves Exploration Of New Stadium Experiences
BOT Approves Exploration Of New Stadium Experiences


Today, FSU Athletics and Seminole Boosters received approval from the Board of Trustees (BOT) to begin conversations with our fan base regarding new conceptual experiences at Doak Campbell Stadium.  The permission given by the BOT was the first of many steps to address the preferences expressed by our ticket-holders and infrastructure needs and repairs within the stadium.

The following information is based on the initial approval. More details and information will follow throughout this spring and summer.

In direct response to the preferences revealed over several years of surveys of our football season tickets holders, Florida State began planning for experiential enhancements in 2019.

In February of 2020, we collaborated with Legends/CSL to conduct a market study, which included a donor/fan survey regarding the current and desired experiences at Doak Campbell Stadium.

A summary of the survey results can be found at the conclusion of this announcement.

Following the survey, the next step was hiring an experienced architectural firm specializing in athletic venues, which took place last fall when FSU entered into an agreement with Populous, the recognized world leader in the field. Populous is a global architectural firm with over 3,000 projects completed, including Olympic and Super Bowl venues.

The primary goals of a proposed stadium renovation project are:

  • Update and improve the overall fan experience
  • Address stadium infrastructure issues
  • Add a variety of seating experiences (from three to 10) ranging from standing porches to sideline loge boxes
  • Add comfort to seating options
  • Enhance the concourses spaces and create new social gathering/entertainment areas
  • Create a funding model to support athletic facility priorities

Populous has provided a proposed plan for conceptual redevelopment that meets these goals beginning with the 2024 season.

Pre-selling the new conceptual experiences will begin this fall and take place over the next two years.

We look forward to sharing more information about this project with you soon. In the meantime, enclosed are some Frequently Asked Questions to help you learn more about this project.

It is a tremendously exciting time for the future of Seminole football.  Thank you for your loyal support of Florida State Athletics and the mission of winning on and off the field.

Go Noles!

BOT Approves Exploration Of New Stadium Experiences
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