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From The First Tee With Sandra Salonen

Sandra Salonen is enjoying her freshman season as a member of the nationally ranked Florida State women’s golf team.  She has performed well academically (she earned Dean’s List honors in her first fall of campus) and has been a great teammate and first-year member of the golf team at Florida State.  She took a break in her schedule to visit with seminoles.com as the semester exam period began to come in to focus.

From The First Tee With Sandra Salonen


1.      Brunch or lunch? Brunch

2.      Best Twitter meme? Everything Kevin Hart

3.      Favorite social media platform? Snapchat

4.      Greatest rap album of all time? Ed Sheeran’s newest album

5.      Favorite sport? (Besides golf) Tennis or ice hockey

6.      Best restaurant in Tallahassee? Kiku

7.      What do you order there? Philly role of salmon tempura role

8.      What’s a typical Friday night for you? Doing something fun with

         my teammates

9.      Netflix or Hulu? Netflix

10.   Favorite show to binge watch? Skam (A Norwegian television show)

11.   Michael Jordan or LeBron James? LeBron James

12.   Last type of food you made from scratch? Banana bread

13.   What’s your hidden talent? I can touch my nose with my tongue

14.   Favorite song to jam out to in your car when you’re alone? That’s What I Like

         by Bruno Mars

15.   Chocolate or fruity candy? Chocolate

16.   Best dance move? Juju On The Beat

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