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Dunking With Florida State Sophomore Men’s Basketball Player Anthony Richardson

Nov. 12, 2002

Anthony Richardson was an All-ACC Freshman team honorable mention selection in 2002 who ranked in the top five of four different statistical categories for the Seminoles last season (blocked shots, assists, 3-point field goals made and steals). He was one of the top all-around freshmen in the ACC during the 2001-02 season and the only player to rank among the top 10 freshmen in rebounds, scoring, blocked shots and steals during the season. As a prep senior, Richardson was rated as the No. 1 prospect in the state of North Carolina by recruiting guru Bob Gibbons.

What Have You Worked On The Most To Improve Your Game Since The End Of Last Season?
“The thing I have worked on improving the most since the end of last season is my outside jumper. I really needed to improve on my range from outside and I feel I have done that entering the season.”

What Do You Feel Has Been The Biggest Improvement In Your Game Since The Beginning Of Practice?
“My biggest improvement since the beginning of practice has been on playing team defense and helping the team get better in the area of playing defense. I feel that I have really concentrated on being in the correct spots on defense. I think my improvement on defense is going to help me earn increased playing time.”

Are You Satisfied With Where You Are Physically As Well As Mentally At This Point Of Practice?
“As the season opener approaches, I am very satisfied with where I am now both physically and mentally. I think practice is a constant learning process and everyday you have to get better and build on what you learned the day before. I want to continue to build on my game and get better and better each day I am on the court.”

How Has The Seminoles’ New Strength And Conditioning Program Helped Your Physical Development?
“Our new weight lifting and conditioning program has really helped me improve as a player. I put on about five pounds since the beginning of the program and my conditioning is off the chart. I am a whole lot stronger than I was last year and I feel more physically cut and physically bigger.”

What Are Your Individual Goals For The Upcoming Season?
“I haven’t really sat down and written any goals as of yet. I am going to sit down before the first game of the season and set my goals. At that time, I am going to evaluate my game and be realistic about the goals I feel I can reach.”

How Are Your Goals Different This Season As Compared To Last Season?
“My goals this season as compared to last season are going to be different. I was a freshman last season and was trying to get my feet wet, see what I could do on the collegiate level and how I could contribute to the team. This season I am going to hopefully play a larger role in our teams success and I am going to have to be able to step up and play a whole lot more and a whole lot better because of my increased role.”

What Is Your Favorite Aspect Of The Seminoles’ New Basketball Training Center?
“The thing I like the most about the Florida State Basketball Training Facility is the 24-hour access to the basketball court. This facility is open for us all the time and we can come in and shoot at any time. We can improve all the time not just when we have practice sessions. The facility allows us to have a 24-hour key to the gym.”

You Have Been Successful Academically Since Your Arrival At Florida State. What Do You Attribute Your Success In The Classroom To?
“I attribute my success in the classroom to God and a whole lot of hard work.”

Complete This Sentence: This Season Will Be A Success If…
“…If we all get on the same page, work hard and continue to improve each day. It’s going to be a collective effort as a team so as long as everyone improves as individuals, we will improve as a team.”

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