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Italian Tennis Star Pairone Ready To Suit Up In Garnet And Gold

Born and raised in Truin, Italy, Giulia Pairone’s love for tennis began at just three years old. With her parents’ instruction and encouragement, she has had quite an outstanding career. From participating in four of the Junior Grand Slams to reaching the semifinals of the U16 European Championships in Moscow in 2012, her thirst for growth and accomplishment led her to being recruited by a Division 1 school here in the United States. With the plan of moving to the states for school, bitter-sweet emotions followed. Even with leaving her family to peruse her education and tennis career, the rest of the Pairone family was nothing but supportive and encouraging. Being a very family-oriented person, Giulia always looks forward to visiting her family between school semesters, and keeps her cheerful attitude and drive, knowing she has an incredibly strong support system behind her.

After being recruited by the University of Arkansas and playing for two years, Giulia made the decision to transfer her studies to the University of Michigan. After two years of playing as a Wolverine, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and minors in Writing and Asian Studies. Not only did she walk away from Michigan with a degree, but she also left behind a legacy.

While attending Michigan, Pairone began the “Wolverine Readers & Best” book club. She felt that with the craziness of student-athlete schedules, there wasn’t much of an opportunity to interact with each other, especially when it came to knowing people on other athletic teams.

“I wanted to create a group that would bring people together from other backgrounds and different teams…why don’t I just create a book club about leadership,” and it became a success as students from multiple teams congregated that year to read and learn about leadership together. With her love of learning, came the decision to head south to Tallahassee, Florida, where her pursuit of knowledge continues.

Now working towards her master’s in Sport Psychology, Giulia is living life under the warmth of the Florida sun. With the global pandemic of Covid-19 still affecting her everyday life, she still has her usual positive attitude. Along with going on daily walks, and having fun cooking with her teammates, Giulia is pursuing another goal she’s had for years, becoming a yoga instructor. For years, yoga has been a very important part of her life, as she feels that it gives her time to breathe and be with herself. As a student athlete, she feels that it’s important to step away from all the pressure and relax for a moment while helping others do the same.

With an incredible work ethic, Pairone continues to put in the work for success, day in and day out, to accomplish any goal that she sets her mind to on the court, in the classroom, and in her daily life. Knowing that one of her main goals in life is to help people, she gives this advice to any young girl who wants to be the best version of themselves; “have fun with whatever you do…never lose that joy or passion…surround yourself with people who uplift you and empower you…look to have happy relationships around you.”

With this advice, she takes to heart in her own life, she is an unstoppable and inspiring example of tenaciousness in accomplishment and will continue her success in garnet and gold.

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