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Jernstedt Shows Resilience on Path to NCAAs

Florida State freshman, Edith Jernstedt, from Vasteras, Sweden, has been swimming ever since she can remember. Her journey to Florida State will also be an adventure she will never forget.

Winning five gold medals at the Swedish Nationals and 29 gold medals at the Junior Swedish Nationals during her career, Jernstedt always showed strong athletic abilities and determination. It was important to her to continue her swimming career, but to also further her education. The choice of moving thousands of miles away from home seemed intimidating, but once Jernstedt arrived at Florida State, she felt right at home.

“Moving to America was pretty big for me. I chose Florida State because of the team spirit. The coaches were so nice and welcoming, I just felt like they really cared,” said Jernstedt.

While her dream of being a Nole came true, Jernstedt’s journey to get here was not an easy one. For the past two and a half years, Jernstedt has faced many shoulder injuries, often leaving her unable to practice and train like she normally would.

Jernstedt recalled, “It’s been a long journey. There’s been ups and downs. It’s gotten better then has gotten worse. I actually took a break from swimming a year ago for about a month. I was just running instead and focusing on my mental health.”

Jernstedt Shows Resilience on Path to NCAAs

During her first season at Florida State, her shoulder issues once again resurfaced, but in true Edith Jernstedt fashion, she worked hard and qualified for NCAAs after she placed seventh in the 200 fly with a time of 1:55.80 at the ACC Championships. “I’m never really proud of myself, but this time I was so proud of myself. I know what journey I’ve been on and just finally getting there and actually being able to swim fast and do new personal bests was a goal for me for so long, and I’m finally there,” Jernstedt said with a smile.

Jernstedt showed so much gratitude for her Florida State teammates, coaches, and trainers for getting her through some of her most difficult days. “Florida State helped me so much during my injury. They’ve been so helpful; they think about what is best for me. Coach Steve (Wood) for example, he’ll tell me to go easy sometimes because he knows what I need. I needed to take that break, and all of my coaches saw that too,” she said.

While her path here was not an easy one, Jernstedt was determined to be back in the pool better than ever, and she did just that. Her teammates made the long days and hard practices worth it. One of her favorite memories was the ACC Championship. “We had such a good time, and after ACC I got so much closer to everyone, I feel like I can really be myself,” Jernstedt said.

Jernstedt Shows Resilience on Path to NCAAs

Even though she is just a freshman, she has proved to be extremely resilient, and she has big goals for herself. Helping others is a passion of hers and she hopes to pursue a career in psychology. Jernstedt stated, “Being a Nole is an honor for me. I made it. I’m here. Representing this school is just amazing. I want to keep swimming for the Swedish National team and go to bigger competitions like Worlds or the Olympics.”

From moving thousands of miles away from home, to coming back stronger after several injuries, Edith Jernstedt is a shining example of resilience, determination, and positivity.

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